Drinking Systems

Are You Drinking Clean Water?

It is estimated that we need 20 to 50 litres of clean water every day for drinking, cooking and cleaning. Water is a vital ingredient for hydration, food production, cleansing and sanitation. The quality of your water can no longer be taken for granted. Private well water can be impacted by any number of impurities and even municipally treated water that meets all federal guidelines can contain bacteria, viruses and protozoa, along with a host of other contaminants.

Having purified, drinkable water at your fingertips is possible without the waste of plastic bottles. Our water specialists can help identify what’s in your water with a free water analysis. Once we know what best suits your treatment we can build a drinking water system for your needs and provide you with the best, cleanest and healthiest drinking water possible.

Call us today for a free demonstration to easily get pure clean water straight from your tap.

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Before After


Before / after of a Kinetico Water System